Term Loans

With Lend On Capital

Minimum Interest Rate

9.99% APR

Maximum Approval Amount


Maximum Loan Position

3rd Position

Repayment Structure


Approval Time

One Business Days

Lend On Capital's Term Loans

For many business owners the ability to receive a term loan from a traditional lender (national banks, credit unions) or from the Small Business Administration (SBA) is what dictates the growth of their business and can make the difference between surviving, striving or getting into a “less-pleasant” statistic. Lend On Capital have a solution for business owners that will allow them to enjoy the benefits of monthly payments over a longer period but without experiencing the apparent issues that traditional term loans hold.

Traditional Loans Vs Lend On capital's Term Loans

Frequently asked questions

The best thing about this prigram is the revolving nature of it. That means you will pay interest only for the amount you use for the duration you use it. Once the amount you used and the relevant interest is paid back you will not pay anymore. For example if you decide to use $10,000 for 12 months at a 8% interest, and you pay-off the amount within 6 months you will pay only 4% interest ($10,400).

Yes. If you have not utilized already the full line of credit, you are allowed to withdraw up to the full approval amount. Every withdrawal will function as an individual loan.  

Each withdrawal function as a separate loan and should be paid back  at the time frame you were approved for with no relation to the other withdraw.

Yes. Your business  may qualify for a credit line increase once you have established an initial relationship and maintained a good track of payments. 

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