Are you and your employees work long, hard hours but projects aren’t getting done?
Do you find yourself missing deadline after deadline?
Small business owners can easily sometimes get overwhelmed due to “wearing many different hats” in their business. 

Here are 7 Tips for business owners that will help you Boost Productivity in your business

1. Make a Plan and STICK TO IT

Before you can reach success, you must first define it.
Before you start throwing new procedures at your employees, you need to sit down and lay out a solid game plan for your business. Setting achievable goals that will help your company grow and plan out a strategy for how you’re going to reach them. Once you have a roadmap your goals will be reached quicker than expected.

2. Learn to Delegate & Working with Freelancers 

As your business grows, and more work piles up, you won’t be able to do everything on your own. The easiest way to handle this issue is to learn to delegate less important tasks to other people. In today’s world, it is a lot easier to hire freelancers for administrative, IT, or other office work you have many online services that connect you with professionals around the world (Upwork, Fiverr, and many more…). Utilizing those services can save you many hours that you can invest back into your business and focus on how to grow your business instead of how to keep it organized.

3. Start to Implement Technology

Delegating tasks is one thing, but even better than that is finding technology, software, and other automation programs to make your life easier. If there’s a program or system that can take on a task and automate it, then take advantage of that so you and your employees can accomplish tasks that tech can’t.

4. Stay Organized

Running a small business is anything but predictable, so assign deadlines and create timelines for your tasks, leverage scheduling software and technologies, and your productivity will start skyrocketing! You’ll also want to get started on organizing essential documents and files. Digitize when you can, but focus on efficiency and organization with whichever system you choose.

5. Create an Operating Guide

The best way to keep everyone in your business on the same page with goals, business plans, filing systems, is to create an all-inclusive Operating Guide. An operating or procedure guide helps employees stay in the know of all of the above and helps ensure rapid and efficient growth throughout the building process. 

6. Track and Adjust

As you grow, be sure to track all of your wins and losses. Track what works and what doesn’t. Trial and error are vital to growing a business and staying productive, and the only way to learn from mistakes is to know exactly what mistakes you made. Track everything so that you can go back and learn from past mistakes and find the best solutions.

7. Be Flexible 

As you grow your business, unfortunately, sometimes things won’t always go by the plan, so knowing when to accept failure or try new things is absolutely crucial as well as being prepared with a Plan B for important tasks.

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