About Us

Lend On Capital been founded by a group of business owners to create a solution to an issue most business owners experience every time they seek funding for their business. Most business funding options today either include a long process and a low approval rate, or a simple process but a loan that holds you from growing your business.

Our approach 

Is to simplify the funding process, by removing a lengthy application and a large amount of paperwork. along with the ability to offer business owners a comfortable payment structures, decent rates, Comfortable terms and a wide selection of funding programs  to choose from.

Our mission

Is to be the best source of working capital for small businesses across the US. Our skilled underwriting team and partners ensures a stress-free experience to businesses at almost any size or industry by removing the need of collateral and focusing on your current financial state so business owners can take advantage of financial opportunities without fear.

Great  Customer service

 starts from great communication skills. Our team is always motivated to assure that each experience with us will be better than the last.  That is way, we assign each business his own contact person throughout the entire process. Our customers receive consistent updates during the application process and during their loan life and will have access to unique benefits such as Loan Refinancing, Loan Monitoring and Customer loyalty benefits.